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My Culinary Resolutions For 2014: Mexican Cuisine

I’m excited to be spending time in Phoenix this winter and spring, and one of the things I’d like to do while I’m there is learn more about Mexican cuisine.

Diana Kennedy, the queen of Mexican cuisine.

Diana Kennedy, the queen of Mexican cuisine.

Through the years, I’ve eaten all types of Mexican food, from cliched Americanized dishes covered with melted cheese, to the sophisticated cuisine offered by Rick Bayless at his Chicago restaurants, to the items you find in neighborhood taquerias.

I’ve also read books by Diana Kennedy and I’m longing to see whether I can learn more about the many variations of Mexican food. I have a feeling it is just as unique as the other styles of cooking we’ve all gotten to know, such as French, Thai and Chinese. But living up north, it’s harder to get exposure to dishes beyond those that appeal to a broad audience.

So, I’ll be making an effort to understand Mexican food, and hopefully be able to translate it to dishes I can make at home. I hear Phoenix has some outstanding groceries aimed at a Latino audience, and I’ll be venturing out to try them.

I’m more than happy to get your suggestions on things to try, especially when it comes to using products in season.


  • Lesli Ann Mie Agcaoili

    Tortillas, tamales, chilaquiles, mole, frijoles de la olla or borracho style. Nopalitos too.