Alcohol Isn’t All Bad: The health benefits of tequila


The Common Notion When It Comes To Alcohol

Alcohol seems to be always associated with bad situations and only bad effects. This is not made better by people using alcohol as bad coping mechanisms. However, alcohol also has health benefits to offer. All it takes is the right amount, the right kind, and the right purity of alcohol for one to obtain such benefits.

At the top of the list for alcohols with health benefits is red wine. However, it is not the only alcohol which offers such. Tequila has health benefits to offer as well.

The Good Side Of Alcohol: Tequila’s Health Benefits

There is a good side to alcohol which can be seen by the health benefits of tequila gained by people who drink tequila at the right dosage. To make it clearer and more specific, the following are the benefits of tequila:

  • As a probiotic, it helps cultivate the good growth of stomach bacteria.
  • Also as a probiotic, it provides digestive aid.
  • The digestive aid the tequila provides also makes it great for losing weight.
  • As a digestive aid, the bowel movement is also kept regular.
  • It contains compounds such as insulin, agavins, and fructans which have various health benefits.
  • The compounds in tequila help in blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

Thanks to tequila joining the ranks of red wine for its health benefits, the common notion of alcohol being nothing but bad is being lessened. There are definitely a lot of health benefits that the consumption of alcohol provides. All it takes it only drinking it frequently and only in small amounts. Binge-drinking is definitely not the way to do it but rather, taking shots every now and then. Not only does one obtain the benefits of the consumption of tequila, they can also increase their tolerance to alcohol.










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